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Logging support requests online

Service Now

The ServiceNow Customer View allows UCT staff members to log support calls, place orders and manage their ICT requests from a single web page. The functionality is part of UCT's service management system, ServiceNow, which helps staff members in their interactions with ICTS when they have problems or require ICT products and services. 


How do I access it?

  1. Navigate to ServiceNow Customer View via  https://uct.service-now.com/ess or the Log a call button on the ICTS website.
  2. On the login screen, enter your UCT credentials then click Login.
  3. You will now have access to the user interface where you can select the type of call you wish to log.

NOTE: If you are unsure about which option to select, choose Help and Training > Need Help/Advice?


Managing and checking calls and orders in ServiceNow

  1. Log on to https://uct.service-now.com
  2. The home screen opens:
    • To check the status of calls you've logged with the IT Helpdesk, select My Calls.
    • To check the status of items you've ordered, select My Orders.
  3. The relevant page (My Calls or My Orders) will open, listing all your active requests, along with basic information about each request:
    • To get more detail on the status of your request, or to update the request, select the relevant item under the Number column.
      • Review the request details, along with a log of actions for the request, as required.
      • If necessary, update the request information using the Additional comments and other sections on the page.
      • When you've finished updating the request, click Update.
    • Your request has been updated.

NOTE: you can use the watch list to keep other interested parties informed on the progress of a call (this only applies to calls and not orders).


Other services

You can use the ServiceNow interface to submit development requests for ICTS to look at providing a new service or system. You can also use the self-help option and access our extensive Knowledge Base.