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FAQs Managing your ICT requests and incidents

What can I use ServiceNow Customer View for?

Whether you need to get help with a broken printer, request a telephone line move or purchase a new laptop, Customer View caters for your needs. After you've logged a request, automatic workflows send your request directly to the relevant department in ICTS. You can then use Customer View's built-in functionality to check the status at your own convenience. The detailed log shows you a record of every action taken - including which ICTS consultant is working on your request, what they've done and all your emails to the consultant.

You can also update your request at any time. For example, your request will be put on hold while a consultant waits for information from you. By viewing your calls, you can quickly spot the delay and provide the relevant details immediately. Or if you want to include additional information to your call or correct information that you previously provided, such as the cost centre information for a purchase, or a screen shot of the error you're experiencing, you can add these to the request. Such updates can assist ICTS to resolve your request more quickly.

The ServiceNow Customer View is highly accessible, allowing you to log requests from your tablet, smart phone or other mobile device. Alternatively, a colleague can log requests for you.

Can I find my own solution?

If you have an ICT-related problem, chances are, somebody else at UCT has had the same issue. What's more, the solution might be something quick and easy which doesn't require expert intervention. To check if a solution already exists for your problem, use the search box in the top right corner of the ServiceNow screen.

Your search will draw on the system's extensive Knowledge Base, which might lead you to a quick fix that won't require outside help. If you don't find the answer you're looking for, you can always log a call, in which case an ICTS consultant will be happy to assist.

What types of requests can I log?

In ServiceNow Customer View, requests are classified into two categories:

  • Calls: Support requests and other services offered by ICTS.
  • Orders: All items ordered through ICTS, such as cables, telephones and additional mailbox space.
  • Development requests: a request for ICTS to look at providing either a new service or a new system.

After logging your request, you can follow up on it using the links at the top of the screen.


How can I keep others informed on the progress of a call?

If you would like your IT Liaison or another colleague to keep an eye on the calls you log, you can add them to the watch list for each specific call. Your colleague will then receive notifications whenever any updates are made to your call.

NOTE: The watch list does not apply to orders. It only applies to calls.

  1. Open the relevant call.
  2. In the Watch list section, click the lock icon.
  3. Add your colleague to the watch list, either:
    • Type your colleague's email address in the Enter email address text box, or
    • Click the search icon, search for and select your colleague's name in the popup window.
  4. If you would like to add more colleagues to the watch list, repeat the previous step as many times as required.
  5. Click Update.
  6. Your colleague has been added to the watch list for this call.
  7. If you'd like your colleague to be on the watch list for other calls, repeat the process above for each relevant call.


How do I confirm my profile information?

Access your user profile by clicking on your name in the top right corner of the screen. The information in this profile is fed to the system from UCT's Identity Vault, which links various administrative systems at UCT, storing information about staff, students and third parties.

In order for ICTS to manage your service requests, it's important that your information remains accurate and up to date. This information affects other aspects of your experience at UCT (e.g. access to buildings and internet access) and it's essential that any outdated or incorrect information is rectified.

If any information is incorrect, please update it via the relevant channels:

  • Update location information and phone numbers via the White pages.
  • Update title, department and other information by submitting the necessary HR forms (HR101 for personal details and HR102 for change of appointment).

Once the changes have been processed, your information will be updated in the various administrative systems at UCT - including ServiceNow Customer View.