ICTS Techfest 2017
Prizes and awesome new tech at upcoming expo
Join us on 16th and 17th May when UCT's preferred IT vendors will showcase their latest computers, mobile devices, and more at ICTS TechFest. Get hands-on experience of the tech, but also stand a chance to win amazing prizes.
All systems go
All systems are operating normally
ICTS training
MS Office, Linux, Web CMS and more training coming this May
ICTS Training runs a number of exciting courses to help empower you. Find out which courses are running this May.
UCT guest WiFi service
Expecting guests on campus?
Are you hosting a conference, or expecting visitors to your department for a short period? If so, you'll want to use the Guest WiFi service, which allows staff members to quickly and easily set up wireless access for visitors.
UCT respects copyright
Learn about why copyright is important, what happens if you download copyrighted material, and where to get free stuff.
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