When loadshedding strikes, stay productive
In our tech-driven world, a few hours without electricity can be really disruptive. Find out how to minimise the impact of loadshedding while remaining productive during the outage.
Network & connectivity will be back on Wed morning (20 March)
ICTS began bringing the Upper Campus data centre online on Tues evening. We expect the UCT network & major systems to be functional by Wed morning.
LinkedIn Learning is here
UCT staff and students now have access to one of the most extensive online resources in the world: LinkedIn Learning.
Data backup made easy
Backing up your data isn’t as difficult as it sounds. Explore five easy steps to keep your precious digital assets safe.
Windows 10
Making the switch to Windows 10
If you're moving from Windows 7 to Windows 10, you may be overwhelmed by the differences. These great resources will help make the transition smoother.
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