Digital checklist
New on campus? Set up your IT here.
There's a lot to do once you arrive on campus. On the electronic side, we've made things easy for you. Follow this checklist to set up your password, email, WiFi and other crucial elements of your digital life on campus.
Resolved: Malware infects some UCT machines and placed files on G: drive
Following the recent malware infection on campus, ICTS has determined that the malware infected only nine machines on campus. Our technicians are currently analysing these machines and will liaise with the owners directly.
Conference services
Hosting a conference or event?
If you're hosting an event on campus, there's a lot to organise: venue booking, accommodation for guests, transport, parking, WiFi, audio-visual facilities and more. Find out how to set these things up, and what ICTS can do to make your event a...
Are you Cyber Secure?
Cyber security is a top priority at ICTS. Not only do we want to keep you safe, but we want to educate you about how to keep safe. Find out more about cyber security here...
eResearch at UCT
High tech facilities available for UCT researchers
The UCT eResearch Centre provides researchers with better and faster technology to manage, process and store their research data. Find out about high performance computing, visualisation, and collaboration services available to UCT researchers.
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