ICTS training
Web CMS and Excel training this month
The ICTS team will train a number of exciting courses this April, covering the UCT Web CMS and Microsoft Excel.
Cool tools
Cool tools to enhance your productivity
We've discovered some tools and apps that can enhance your productivity in the workplace, teach you new skills, and make your life easier. Take a look.
Mobile phones
Phone stolen? Don't panic
Read our handy guide to learn how to protect your phone should it ever be stolen, and what to do if you've fallen victim to theft already.
UCT classroom
Need help using classroom equipment?
UCT's classrooms are equipped with top-notch audio-visual and IT equipment. Find out how to use it, and who to contact if you need help.
eduroam connection dropping intermittently
We are aware that some wireless devices are intermittently losing connection to eduroam. We have escalated the issue to our vendor, and an investigation is in progress to resolve the problem.
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