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Virtual Private Network

The UCT Virtual Private Network (VPN) solution allows you to connect securely to UCT's network from any internet-connected location. This means that you can get secure access to your UCT network resources as if you were working from campus. You can either access VPN via WebVPN or you can install and use a desktop client called AnyConnect.



  • Improved security
    The use of certificates and authentication helps to secure the data that is travelling over the VPN channel. VPNs are used to access trusted systems (such as UCT's campus network) over a public untrusted network (the internet). Users can now remotely access central UCT or faculty services that they could not previously access due to security policies that are implemented on firewalls.
  • Flexibility and reliability
    You can use any DSL and other broadband internet options (e.g. ADSL, Wifi, 3G) to securely connect to VPN.
  • Greater access for "on-the-go" users
    People who benefit the most from VPN facilities are the "telecommuters". Many staff or students who spend a significant amount of time working from home or on trips are now able to securely connect to UCT's network to access their campus data.
  • Convenience
    You can connect to the VPN without needing to install special software on your computer. As long as you have a Java-enabled web browser, you can access the VPN via a web-based system.


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