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Security Resources

Security resources

Computing devices are an essential part of modern life. We use smart phones, tablets and computers to work, play, organise and communicate - with a vast array of functionality at our fingertips whenever we need it, no matter where we are. Aside from the financial value, these devices are also precious to us because they store so much of our personal data - such as online account information, social media messages, emails, media (pictures, videos and audio) and important personal and work-related documents. At ICTS, we take cyber security very seriously and continually run awareness programmes to ensure you stay as safe as possible. In addition, the Computer Security Incident Response Team (CSIRT) is always on hand should disaster strike.


General cyber security

Learn about phishing, identity theft, internet predators and cyber stalking
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Banking and buying safety

Find out how to avoid the dangers of banking and buying online
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Social media safety

Learn the risks associated with some of the internet's most popular hangout spots
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Device safety

It's not just online you need to stay safe...make sure your devices are protected too
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Safety on the move

Public WiFi and computers are cool, but they can put you at risk
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Security infographics

Have a look at fascinating graphs and stats about cyber security, risks, threats and risky behaviour
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