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Within seconds of being received by the UCT mail gateways, email messages pass through a number of security checks before being delivered to your mailbox. This is to prevent as much spam as possible from coming into the organisation.

UCT has to deal aggressively with spam because higher education institutions are one of the most spammed sectors in the world. However, sometimes these aggressive spam controls prevent legitimate messages from getting through to your mailbox. There are a number of reasons that this happens, but to help you retrieve those messages, UCT has enlisted the services of the Mimecast online email management tool for all UCT email addresses. The Mimecast service is only available for @uct.ac.za email addresses (i.e. UCT staff, third parties and post doctoral fellows).


Choose what action to take for emails blocked by Mimecast

If the Mimecast tool suspects that a message is spam, instead of removing it from the system, you will receive an email telling you that a message has been placed in the Mimecast On Hold queue. This gives you the opportunity to either Release, Block or Permit the message.

  • Release: allows the message to be delivered to your mailbox, but does not automatically allow any other messages from the same sender to reach you.
  • Block: rejects the message and blocks this sender from sending emails to you in future.
  • Permit: delivers the message to your mailbox and you allows this sender to email you in future.

You will only receive an email if there are spam messages in your Personal On Hold queue. Hopefully over time you will receive less and less spam as the system "learns" what you do and don't allow through.


Action emails blocked by Mimecast

Every time an email is blocked, Mimecast will send you a notification so that you can take the necessary action. If you're expecting an email - such as a password reset email or confirmation for a new account you created - you log on directly to Mimecast.

  1. Navigate to Mimecast and click LOGIN > Access my email.
  2. Enter your UCT email address and click Next.
  3. Leave the default option as Domain, enter your UCT password and click Log In.
  4. In the left column click Blocked.
  5. Click Permit next to the email address you would like to unblock.


Mimecast UCT statistics