Are you ready to go on leave?

If you are planning on taking leave over this coming vac, we wish you a safe and restful break. We look forward to working with you again next semester. holiday

Here are some tips to make your first few days back at work as trouble-free as possible.

Back up your data

Do one final backup before you go on leave and store it in a safe place, preferably away from your office. Then you can rest easy. Don't panic if you've never done a backup before. Read our article on backing up your data in five easy steps.

Take care of email before you go on leave

  1. Remember to set up your Out of Office notification in Outlook for the time period you will be away.
  2. If someone else needs to access your incoming emails while you are away, instead of giving them your password, rather set up mail rules to move particular messages to a folder that you then share with your colleague(s). 
  3. While on leave, you can either access your mailbox via the Outlook Web App or you can set up your mobile device to connect to Microsoft Exchange.
  4. We do not recommend forwarding your messages to another account. However, if you decide to forward your messages, please be careful as mail bounces could occur during the forwarding process:
    • Check that the destination mailbox address is typed correctly.
    • Ensure that the mailbox you are forwarding your messages to has sufficient space to receive all your messages.
    • Test your forwarding rules before going on leave.

Manage your own password

It's easy to forget your password once you return to work after a long, relaxing holiday. Before you leave, make sure that you're set up on Password Self-Service. That way, if you forget your password when you get back, you can easily reset it yourself.