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Set up your UCT mailbox on your mobile device

Due to the wide variety of mobile devices on campus, we have provided the standard information that you will need to set up your UCT mailbox on your mobile device.

The wording on some devices may differ. You may also not be required to complete all the fields listed below.

  • Email address:
    • Staff: preferredname.surname@uct.ac.za
    • Student: studentnumber@myuct.ac.za
  • Select Exchange account from available list.
  • Domain/username:
    • If you are requested to provide your Domain/Username then enter username@wf.uct.ac.za.
      • Staff: 01234567@wf.uct.ac.za
      • Student: BLGJOE001@wf.uct.ac.za.
    • If Domain and Username are listed as separate fields then enter
      • Domain: wf.uct.ac.za
      • Username: staff or student ID.
        Staff: 01234567@wf.uct.ac.za
        Student: BLGJOE001@wf.uct.ac.za.
  • Where applicable, select the Server requires encrypted (SSL) connection checkbox.
  • Password: your UCT network password
  • Description: Exchange_UCT
  • Exchange server: outlook.office365.com
  • Incoming settings
    • IMAP server/ Host Name:  outlook.office365.com
    • Security type: SSL
    • Server port: 993
    • Authentication type: PLAIN
  • Outgoing server settings
    • SMTP/ Host Name: smtp.office365.com
    • Security type: TLS
    • Server port: 587
    • Encryption method: TLS
    • Account name: enter a name for your account
    • Your name: enter the name you want displayed when you send an email
  • Where applicable select the Require SSL for incoming mail and Require SSL for outgoing mail checkboxes.

Once your phone verifies the server settings, you will be prompted to choose the information you want to synchronise between your Exchange account and your device.