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Connect a Windows computer to UCT network drives

UCT hosts several network drives – such as an individual F: drive (personal storage space for each staff member and student) and the G: drive (which contains storage space for each department). It is worthwhile noting that the F: drive is currently being decommissioned for UCT staff.

For shared areas – such as the folders on your department’s G: drive – you’ll need access to the department’s common drive.

How to access the drives

  • Students:
    Either access these drives by logging on to the network in a student lab on campus, or if you want to use your own computer, access the drives via NetStorage.
  • Staff members and third parties:
    If you don’t want a permanent connection to the network drives, use NetStorage.
    If you will be accessing network drives often, follow the instructions below to install the Novell client.

Install the Novell client (staff only)

Most UCT-owned and purchased computers come with the Novell client pre-installed. If your computer does not have the client installed, log a call with IT Helpdesk or install it yourself following the instructions below.

These instructions are for Windows computers. Follow the instructions in the respective links if you use an Apple Mac or Linux operating system.

Install the client by downloading it from the ICTS Downloads page:

  1. Log on to the ICTS Downloads page and navigate to Windows > Novell Client.
  2. Select NovellSP4-IR10 (if you are running Windows 10) or NovellSP4-IR5-Win7 (if you are running Windows 7), then download the installation file to a convenient location.
  3. Navigate to the folder you saved the file in, then double-click the downloaded installation file.
  4. Proceed through the installation procedure and restart your computer when prompted.
  5. Log on using your UCT username and password.

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