Welcome to the new ICTS website

Welcome to the new ICTS website

Our new website was designed with you in mind. Our top priority was to make finding what you are looking for quicker and easier, so we have presented you with a number of navigation options. We hope you like the slick new interface and enhanced functionality.
The new site is:

  • easier to navigate
  • easier to read (with less wordy content)
  • enhanced with related articles separated from the main text
  • mobile-friendly


In addition to the traditional menu (now near the top of the screen), there are several ways to navigate the site. Choose your preferred method:


Our custom search function trawls the website for whatever you're looking for and returns accurate, Google-powered results.

The role selection method

On the home page, select your role (e.g. staff member, student, lecturer) and then choose what you want to do.  A customised quick links list will be presented to you to help you find commonly-viewed topics.

Blocks on the home page

The home page is divided into 9 blocks, listing the most commonly-used ICT services. These will lead you straight to our most popular content.


Services page

The services page, which you can access from the main menu, lists all the services we offer you, in alphabetical order for ease of use.

The A-Z list

If you prefer not to navigate via menus, you may want to use the scrollable A-Z list on the Services page. Find an area you want to learn about and click the link to be directed to the relevant content.



Simplified content

The ICTS website is packed with content, and while this is great when you need all the nitty gritty information, it can make a website hard to navigate. 

We wanted to make the content easier to read, so we have revamped all the articles so that you can choose the level of detail that you need. These articles are enhanced with additional related information on the sidebar (right hand side of each web page). You'll find related links under the See also and FAQs areas of the sidebars.

The sidebar also includes references to the Core Service Level Agreement (SLA) we have with the university. Clicking an SLA link takes you to a description of the service, defines the service level you can expect, and lets you know how to get access to it or help using it.


From 6-24 March 2017, we are running two competitions where you could win some fantastic prizes and find out more about the new website as you browse around!

The prizes for the competition include:

  • A Targus laptop bag valued at R1000
  • An iPod shuffle
  • A Bluetooth surround sound speaker
  • An external hard drive
  • Logitech wireless mouses
  • 4 and 8GB flash drives
1. Golden egg hunt: We have hidden 10 golden eggs on the website for you to find.
  1. Navigate around the site, looking for a golden egg. If you find an egg, either:
  • Email us with the URL of the page, plus your student or staff number to icts-feedback@uct.ac.za, using the subject line 'Website launch'.

OR better still:

  • Go to our Facebook page.
  • Message us with the URL of the ICTS page where you found the eggg, along with your student or staff number.
  • Like the page.
2. Facebook competition: We will post four questions about the new website on our Facebook page.
  1. Log on to Facebook and like our Facebook page.
  2. Share the question posts and tag a friend.
  3. Message us your answers, along with your student or staff number.

By participating in either competition, we'll enter you into a draw to win one of the prizes. The golden eggs will look like this (and no, the one on this page doesn't count)...

See the competitions' Terms and Conditions.

We'd love to hear from you

Please write to us using the ICTS Feedback account and let us know what you think of the new website.