ICTS walk-in centre (Mowbray) open by invitation only

As we remain under a national lockdown, with the second wave of the Coronavirus hitting our province particularly hard, ICTS reminds you that our walk-in centre at ICTS-on-Main (7 Main Road, Mowbray) remains closed for general assistance.

Visits by invitation only

You may only visit the centre by invitation, provided you’ve followed this procedure:

  1. You've logged a call with the IT Helpdesk for your issue.
  2. A Helpdesk consultant has confirmed that, because your issue cannot be resolved remotely, you need to bring your device in to ICTS.
  3. The consultant has specified a date and time for you to bring your device to the ICTS building.
    • Important: Please confirm that the timeslot works for you or advise us of a suitable alternative. If we do not receive confirmation, we'll assume the time is suitable. If you miss this timeslot, you will not be able to enter the ICTS building and your issue will go back into the queue, causing a delay in resolution.
  4. Via email, you've received a letter of permission to come to ICTS-on-Main.
  5. On the day of your appointment:
    • Bring the letter with you (either printed or on your phone).
    • Complete the mandatory Higher Health check.

No access unless the process is followed

If you have not fulfilled all these requirements, we unfortunately cannot assist you immediately. Due to COVID protocols and space limitations inside the building, you will have to wait outside the building until you can be seen.

However, due to the volume of our scheduled workload, there’s no guarantee that you will receive assistance on the day. Therefore, to avoid inconvenience, please follow the abovementioned procedure to ensure that your ICT issue is resolved.

Front Office on Upper Campus is open

The ICTS Front Office in the Computer Science building on Upper Campus is open subject to adherence to strict COVID regulations:

  • Wear a mask at all times.
  • A maximum of 3 customers are allowed inside the Front Office at one time.
  • Practice social distancing when queuing.
  • Sanitise your hands when entering the office.