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Third Party Training

Third party system trainingThe objective of this training is to ensure that all Third Party System users are familiar with how to use the system properly and what their role entails as a third party administrator. Only permanent staff, long-term contract staff and third parties whose jobs require access to the Third Party System are authorised to attend the training. The course provides you with information on how to create and report on third party accounts as well as to do a bulk upload.

This training is compulsory as access is contingent on course attendance.


Foundation course

This half-day foundation course covers:

  • logging in and out of the system
  • creating a third party account
  • using the UCT online help
  • navigating screens and menus
  • running reports
  • providing background information and policies about third parties.

Prerequisite: Internet access using a Microsoft Internet Explorer browser, a working knowledge of Windows and the Internet, and the completion of the BAS06 form.



How do I become a Third Party system user?

You first need to complete the BAS06 – New Third Party System user application form and send it to Systems Access, Room 201A, ICTS-on-Main, 7 Main Road, Mowbray. Once the form has been received, you will be contacted regarding booking on the Third Party System training course.


Who can attend the third party training?

Training is only available to current UCT staff members or third parties in line with their job requirements.


Is it compulsory for me to attend a course?

If you require access to the Third Party System you will be need to attend the course. Access to the system is dependent on course attendance.