Student Technology Programme


The Student Technology Programme allows staff and students at participating South African universities to purchase personal laptops and tablets at reduced prices. Various brands of laptop are available offering models ranging from an entry level to a top-of-the-range laptop. Several brands of tablet are also available, with tablets ranging from smaller 7 inch to top-range 10.1 inch models.
All deals are available on the STP website.


How do you place an order?

  1. Register on the central Student Technology Programme website.
  2. Provide the requested information so that you can be verified as a bona fide staff member or registered student.
  3. Browse the laptops and tablets on offer.
  4. Select your product and place your order.
  5. Pay for your order by credit card or EFT.
  6. Provide a delivery address and arrange for delivery with the vendor.

You will also be able to purchase via toll free phone numbers (shown on each vendor's web page).

NOTE: All after-sales support is handled by the vendor and not UCT.

PURCO, on behalf of the South Africa universities, negotiated prices with specific suppliers for specific laptops that are being offered to qualifying students. All transactions relating to the procurement of the laptops will be between the computer supplier and the end-user. Neither PURCO nor the universities are in a position to guarantee the quality of the product or related services.