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UCT Single Sign-On service

When you access UCT web-based services (Vula, Research Portal, Web CMS, etc) you need to log on with your UCT username and password. This helps to control access to restricted or personalised content.

It can be cumbersome to repeatedly enter these details, so UCT has implemented a Single Sign-On (SSO) environment. Under this streamlined arrangement, after you log on to one service, you don’t need to log on again when accessing another service that uses SSO. Your browser stores a small file called a “cookie”, which is then used to verify that you have authenticated into the SSO environment.

At present, there are a couple of different SSO environments – covering services such as Vula, ezProxy, Office 365, lynda.com and more.

We are working towards unifying all services onto one SSO. Once this is done, you’ll only need to log on once – after which you can access all other services without separate logons.