Service Announcements

Thursday, 22 March 2018 maintenance on Friday, 23 March 2018

UCT subscribes to, an extensive online training library. On Friday, 23 March 2018, the service will undergo maintenance from 06:00 – 09:00 a.m.

As a result, may be unavailable during this time.

Learn a new skill wherever you are boasts thousands of high-quality instructional videos covering soft skills, design, software, and business management. Courses range from beginner to advanced and are accessible from your computer, laptop, and mobile device.

If you haven’t yet accessed, follow these step-by-step instructions to register, then find a course that meets your needs.

Wednesday, 7 March 2018
Windows XP computers will no longer be allowed to connect to the UCT network

ICTS has detected that there are still a few Windows XP computers in use on campus.

As previously communicated, Microsoft support for Windows XP ended in April 2014. This means that computers running this operating system no longer get the vital security updates to address vulnerabilities.

Windows XP computers will be disabled from the UCT network

Although your Windows XP computer may appear to be functioning normally, it poses a risk to your departmental data, the UCT network, and any other personal data you may be storing. For this reason, on 22 March 2018, ICTS will disable all computers running Windows XP. When this happens, you will no longer be able to access the UCT network via this computer.

How do I know if my computer is running Windows XP?

If you’re unsure of what operating system you are using, navigate to on your computer. Under the What’s my OS section, it will indicate what operating system is installed on your computer (e.g. Your OS is Windows 10* 64-bit).

What should I do if my computer is still using Windows XP, or if I have no other option?

If you’re using a Windows XP computer, you must urgently log a call with the IT Helpdesk online, or via email at Provide the following information:

  • The computer’s MAC address.
  • A list of any specialised software, or equipment attached to the computer.
  • The work you mostly conduct on your computer (e.g. general administration, marks processing, SAP, running databases, general internet surfing, email use).

This information will assist the IT Helpdesk to determine whether your computer can be upgraded to a later version of Windows, or if you will require a new computer.

Thursday, 1 March 2018
High work volumes affecting IT Helpdesk turnaround times

The IT Helpdesk is currently experiencing high work volumes with some calls requiring extended troubleshooting. This is causing a backlog of incidents, impacting the time it takes for your issues to be resolved.

We have assembled a task team to work through the biggest clusters of calls, and we are working through these as fast as possible. However, due to the backlog, we may take longer than usual to respond to and resolve your calls.

In the meantime:

  1. If you've logged a call and your issue has already been resolved without assistance from the IT Helpdesk, please let us know. You can simply reply to the original notification (from the UCT Service Management System) and tell us that you no longer require assistance.
  2. If you're struggling to complete a task, visit the ICTS website to see if we have detailed instructions to help you.

We apologise for any inconvenience caused. 

Thursday, 1 March 2018
ICTS Customer survey 2018

We often roll out new or improved services so that you can get the most effective ICT experience on and off campus. However, we don't often have the opportunity to hear what you have to say.

To this end, we invite all UCT staff to complete the ICTS Customer Survey and let us know how we’re doing. Your specific feedback will guide our future efforts.

The survey should take about 5 minutes to complete

We have kept the survey to just one page for your convenience. All the questions are mandatory, but most are multiple choice. The survey is available from 01 – 16 March 2018.

Should you have any questions, please send an email to the ICTS Feedback account.

Monday, 26 February 2018
eduroam certificate renewal: what to do if you’ve lost WiFi connectivity recently

On Sunday 25th February 2018, ICTS renewed authentication certificates for eduroam as part of the ICTS maintenance slot. The change has caused WiFi connection issues for some people, depending on which platform they are using.

What should I do if I have been affected?

On some systems, a Certificate Issue and Verification pop-up screen will appear, asking that you trust the new certificate. Please tap / click the appropriate option to trust the new certificate from Thawte. (You will need to do this to connect to eduroam SSID).

If you cannot connect at all:

  1. Please delete / forget your eduroam connection.
  2. Connect to eduroam, following the relevant instructions for your operating system: Windows, Apple Mac, Linux, or mobile devices.

Need assistance?

Should you experience any issues with this, or require assistance, please contact the IT Helpdesk by logging a call online, emailing or calling 021 650 4500.

Friday, 9 February 2018
Problem update: Issue affecting some UCT websites

ICTS engineers addressed the problem yesterday, that affected access to some UCT websites. The system capacity was increased to accommodate the high connection volume experienced this time of year.

Our engineers are continuing to monitor the system for stability and performance.

Previous message sent Thursday, 08 February 2018

ICTS is aware of an issue affecting websites on the Drupal web content management system – which hosts UCT websites.

We are currently working to resolve the issue.

Friday, 9 February 2018
Resolved: Problem affecting Guest WiFi Access

ICTS engineers have resolved the problem affecting the Guest WiFi Access.

Visiting academics, researchers, conference attendees and other UCT guests are once again able to access the internet via this service.

Previous message sent Friday, 02 February 2018

ICTS engineers are currently investigating a problem affecting the Guest WiFi Access that allows visiting academics, researchers, conference attendees and other UCT guests to get access to the internet.

We have contacted our vendor who is currently investigating the issue.

This problem does not affect those connected to the eduroam wireless network.

Friday, 2 February 2018
Problem affecting Guest WiFi Access

ICTS engineers are currently investigating a problem affecting the Guest WiFi Access that allows visiting academics, researchers, conference attendees and other UCT guests to get access to the internet.

We have contacted our vendor who is currently investigating the issue.

This problem does not affect those connected to the eduroam wireless network.

Tuesday, 30 January 2018
Resolved: Problem affecting IT Helpdesk phone number

The problem affecting the IT Helpdesk phone number (4500) has been resolved. You should once again be able to log calls telephonically.

Previous message sent

The IT Helpdesk phone number (x4500) is currently unavailable. ICTS engineers are working to resolve the problem as soon as possible.

In the meantime, please log calls via the online call logging system or via email to

Tuesday, 30 January 2018
Problems with recently-changed UCT passwords

ICTS has identified an issue involving some newly-changed UCT passwords which are not syncing with the relevant back-end services. Our engineers have identified and resolved the issue and are currently monitoring the situation.

If you've changed your UCT password recently and you're having trouble logging in with the new password, please change your password again via Password Self-Service.