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Residence networking

residence networking

The residence network at UCT is known as ResNet and consists of wired network points (in some student residence rooms) and wireless access. ResNet is logically separated from the rest of the UCT network. Initially, Clarinus, Clarendon House, Exair, Rochester and Dullah Omar residences have wireless access only. However, as part of  the current network renewal project, over the course of 2019, wired networking will be phased out of residence rooms and all residences will then have wireless access only.


If your residence has wired access, each room has a network point to which you can connect your computer. Network fly leads are obtainable from your residence warden or the House Committee IT representative and will be given to you at the res reception when you check in at res for the first time. This wired connection will always be faster than the wireless connection and should be used as the primary connection for your computer whenever possible. 

Remember that the network access in residences is there to support your academic endeavours and should not be used to download, copy, share or use copyright-protected materials such as music, movies, TV series and games.

Connecting to Resnet

You don’t need to undergo any special procedures to connect to ResNet.

  • To connect to the wired network, simply connect the fly lead into the network point and plug it into your computer and you will be connected to the network.
  • To connect to the wireless network, follow these instructions for your computer and mobile devices.

Connecting to the internet

The method of connecting to the internet varies depending on which device you are using. Find out how to access the internet