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The features of Read&Write Gold

Read and Write Gold

  • A Customisable Toolbar: Provides reading, writing, studying, and research support tools within familiar applications.

  • Support for Google Docs: Support tools including text-to-speech, spell checker, text and picture dictionaries, word prediction, study skills, vocabulary, and more

  • Support for Chrome and Firefox: Accessibility support includes: read the web, screenshot reader, text and picture dictionaries, translator, and more.

  • Word Bank: Access the Word Bank with over 1 million of the most common English phrases and more than 150 subject-specific word banks. You can create custom word banks and add words to the prediction database.

  • Voice Note: You can record a voice note and insert it directly into a Word document.

  • Text to Speech: Reads text aloud with dual colour highlighting.

  • Screenshot Reader: Reads aloud inaccessible text, including text embedded within an image or Flash, locked PDFs, or online applications. Text can even be exported directly into Word or Pages document.

  • Phonetic Spell Checker: Analyses and returns suggestions with definitions; Phonetic spelling, flexible spelling, and mirror letter errors are identified.

  • Talking Dictionary: Provides definitions as well as alternative words to help expand vocabulary and improve reading comprehension. Basic, advances and online dictionaries support writing skills. Google dictionary is the default dictionary

  • Picture Dictionary: Displays images for selected words. Users can get a visual image to better understand a words meaning.

  • Sounds Like and Confusable Words Checker: Identifies words that sound the same but are spelled differently or words that are commonly confused. Display alternate choices and definitions.

  • Verb Checker: Helps determine verb conjugation. Once past, present, or future tense is selected, multiple conjugations are provided.

  • Talking Calculator: Provides the most common functions associated with a Simple or Scientific Calculator; provides an audit trail that shows calculations as they progress..

  • Screen Masking: Tints the screen using colours, like an overlay, helping users who have trouble focusing on the screen by masking out active/non-active parts of the screen.

  • Speech Input: Converts speech to text to be read aloud.

  • Online Translator: Translates into multiple languages and speaks the translation aloud while highlighting.

  • PDF Aloud: Speech-enables PDF files with dual colour highlighting support.

  • Study Skills Tools: Highlights and extracts text from any document or website to create study guides, outlines, etc. Collect highlighted text with bibliography information and export into a Word, Google, or Pages document.