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Features of your Polycom VVX310 IP phone


Add contacts to the directory

  1. Press home then navigate to Directories.
  2. Select Contact directory.
  3. Press the Add soft key.
  4. Enter the person’s details.
  5. Press the Save soft key.

To dial a contact from the directory, access the contact directory screen, scroll up or down to the desired contact and press the Dial soft key.

Forward calls to another number

If you’ll be out of the office, you can configure your phone to forward incoming calls to another number. This is also known as static forwarding.

Enable call forwarding to another party
  1. Press the Forward soft key 
  2. Use scroll then the Select soft key to choose whether calls should go to a contact or straight to voicemail.
  3. If you select Forward to a Contact, either select a person to forward calls to, or enter the number that the calls should go to.
Disable call forwarding
  1. Press the Forward soft key. 
  2. Select Disable Call Forwarding then press the Select soft key.

Enable Do Not Disturb

This feature prevents your phone from ringing when you get incoming calls. When the feature is enabled, calls to your number are logged in the Missed Calls list or forwarded to another party if you’ve set up call forwarding. Your caller’s screen will display a flashing icon and text informing them that your Do Not Disturb feature is on.

To enable / disable Do Not Disturb, press the DND soft key.

Restart your phone

In some cases you may need to restart your phone. This could happen if you can’t resolve a problem with the phone, or when you update the phone software. There are two ways to restart your phone:

Restart via the phone buttons Restart via the wall plug
  1. Press home.
  2. Select Settings > Basic > Restart Phone.
  3. Press the Yes soft key to confirm the restart.
  1. Switch the phone off at the wall plug.
  2. Wait about five seconds.
  3. Turn the plug back on.

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