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SAP user expiry policy

Effective date of the policy:

September 2010

Last updated:

April 2011

Policy owner:

ICTS: Systems Division, Systems Access Team

Policy approved by:

SAP Operations Group (SOG)


Systems Access Team
Email: icts-systemsaccess@uct.ac.za
Tel: (021) 650 5257

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For security purposes it is important to expire users on SAP PRD who are no longer employed at UCT, or those who no longer use SAP PRD. This policy ensures clarity around SAP user expiry.




Production version of SAP
SA Systems Access
SD Systems Division


Applicable to

This policy is intended for the SA team, in relation to all SAP PRD users.


Policy details
  1. On request by the Head of Department, Manager or Faculty Office Manager, the SA team will expire SAP users and remove all roles or profiles.

  2. On a monthly basis the SA team will expire all users who have not logged on to SAP PRD for two consecutive months.

  3. On a monthly basis the SA team will remove all roles or profiles from SAP users who have not logged on to SAP PRD for twelve consecutive months.

  4. Any user that requires access after their authorisation has been removed will need to attend the relevant training before they will be authorised to access SAP again.