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SAP TST refresh policy

Effective date of the policy:

September 2010

Last updated:

January 2016

Policy owner:

ICTS: Systems Division, Systems Access Team

Policy approved by:

SAP Operations Group (SOG)


Systems Access Team
Email: icts-systemsaccess@uct.ac.za
Tel: (021) 650 5257

Table of contents



This policy ensures clarity around the key roles involved in TST refreshes and ad hoc requests.




Computing Platforms
UCCC University Computing Co-ordinating Committee
SA Systems Access
SOG SAP Operations Group
SAP System, Applications and Products  in Data Processing
SD Systems Division
SPI Support Package Implementation
TST Test version of SAP


Applicable to

This policy is intended for the SA, SD SAP Support and CP teams. All TST users and external consultants may refer to the policy if necessary.


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