The UCT white pages is your go-to contact list

24 Jul 2018 - 09:30

Finding a UCT staff member, on-campus trader, or post-doctoral fellow has never been easier, thanks to the UCT White Pages online directory. By navigating to and logging on with your UCT credentials, you can search for an individual, faculty, department, or on-campus trader. You will then be able to view a contact’s email address, telephone number and location. You can also view their photograph and mobile number if they have opted to make these available.

UCT staff and post-doctoral fellows must keep their contact information up to date. You also have the choice to show or hide your photograph and mobile number. Your photograph is the one that is displayed on your UCT access card. You can remove this picture from the directory, but cannot replace it with a different picture.

Departmental directory managers can also update or add an individual’s contact details as well as update the department’s information. For personal information updates, such as your surname, marital status, or department, you will need to complete the HR101 form and submit it to your departmental HR advisor.