’s extensive online training library offers high-quality instructional videos taught by recognised industry experts. The content, which covers topics such as software, design and business skills, ranges from beginner to advanced levels and is available 24/7 on PCs, laptops, tablets and smart phones. The information provided is kept up to date and is presented in a concise, yet easy-to-understand way.

With thousands of videos to choose from, gives you the freedom to improve your current skill set and gain new skills - be it learning software or developing new soft skills. You can select which training method you prefer: either a short video to help you with “just in time” learning; or one of the certified, extensive training courses complete with exercises.

All staff and students may access this vast online training library on or off campus.


Set up your profile

If you intend to use the mobile app, please complete this initial setup using a laptop or desktop computer. Once the initial setup is complete, you can access via the mobile app.

  1. Go to and enter your UCT credentials on the UCT single sign-on screen.
    • Click Sign In.
  2. If you have never had a account before, select No, I've never had an account.
    • Create your profile by entering your name and UCT email address, then clicking Save.
    • Your profile is created and you can now use the site.
  3. If you already have a account, select I've had an account.
    • Enter your previous login details.
    • Select Transfer my history.
    • Confirm your first name, last name and UCT email address and click Save.
    • Your historical data (playlists, course history, certificates, etc) will be transferred to your new profile.

In future, when you access, use your UCT username and password (i.e. not your previous login credentials).

After setting up your profile, you can access from any Internet-connected location - even if you're off campus.


Access from your computer

Navigate to and log on using your UCT username and password.

Note: If you're already logged on to another of UCT's Single Sign-On services (such as Vula), you won't need to enter your login credentials. Simply navigate to and you will be taken to your profile.


Access from your mobile device

  1. Install the mobile app for your mobile device. 
  2. Launch the app. 
  3. On the login screen, select Organization -> Web Portal.
  4. Enter and tap Log in.
  5. If you're prompted to open a web browser, do so. 
  6. Enter your UCT credentials and tap Log in.
Download courses or videos to your mobile device

You can save videos onto your mobile device for offline viewing later. This is especially handy when you don't have an internet connection, or you don't have enough mobile data to download entire videos or courses. Your only limit is the amount of free space on your mobile device.

  1. While connected to eduroam (or another internet connection), use the app to find a course you're interested in.
  2. Under the course title, tap download Download.
  3. To download the entire course, tap Download all. Or to download individual videos, tap the download icon next to the video you want to save. 

Download a full course, or individual videos

For FAQs and assistance with downloading videos to your device, visit the help page.