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Where do you want to host your site?

web hostingSelecting a hosting platform

The University offers three options for hosting sites: the UCT Web CMS (Content Management System), LAMP (Linux, Apache, MySQL/MS SQL and PHP) and Vula.  The primary option is the UCT Web Content Managing System (CMS) on the Drupal platform.  While there are a few LAMP sites in use, this option is being phased out unless needed for a business reason. Vula is used primarily for online learning, collaboration and project sites.

The Web CMS offers by far the better option in terms of functionality and versatility, allowing for some customisation and co-branding. It helps to unify all sites within the organisation under UCT’s strong brand.  Functionality like calendars, newsfeeds and image galleries are also attractive features.


The UCT Web Content Management System (preferred method)

Most of the university's corporate content is hosted on this environment. All websites that were previously hosted on old platforms such as WordPress and the UCT web content management system (Web CMS) are being migrated to the new Drupal platform.

If your department wishes to create a website a call must be logged in ServiceNow. Should you wish to redesign your website with CMD’s assistance, you will need to migrate it to the new platform first.

You are encouraged to keep your content up-to-date, regardless of which platform it is on.

WordPress (being phased out)

No new websites will be built on WordPress and all existing WordPress websites will be migrated to the new Drupal platform. Blogs are an exception to this and fall into a separate category.

If you have a WordPress website, you are encouraged to keep your content up-to-date ahead of the migration process. You can make minor changes to the site navigation, but should you wish to do a major redesign your of your site, you will need to wait until it has been migrated.

Vula (only for specific use)

You can create and maintain a website using Vula. A Vula website is useful for temporary websites or very specific projects and can be used to create course, research group or project websites. This environment allows you to:

  • Create a course website which includes administrative, assessment, communication and resource sharing features.
  • Develop research sites (local and international) for academics with shared interests.
  • Create project or task related sites that provide a central space for collecting and reflecting data.
  • For more information about publishing on Vula contact the Vula team via email help@vula.uct.ac.za or call on x5500.


Specialised hosting environment: LAMP (Linux, Apache, MySQL/MS SQL and PHP)

All LAMP (Groa) websites will be evaluated to determine whether they can be migrated to the new Drupal platform.

Site owners using this environment need to agree to maintain their code regularly to keep the core technology updated. The article about hosting on the LAMP environment provides more detail.

As the LAMP environment caters for specialised websites that are complex or have technical requirements that cannot be accommodated on any of the other environments, certain sites will remain in this environment.

For additional information about the LAMP environment click on the relevant links below: