Malware attack: malicious attachment from compromised alumni account
A malware attack -delivered via a malicious email attachment form an alumni account - is doing the rounds on campus. Find out how to protect yourself and your UCT credentials from the attack.
Cyber Security SA conference 2018
Register for the Cyber Security Symposium Africa 2018
The conference runs at UCT from 9-11 July, bringing together security experts to spark collaborations, and share knowledge and ideas. This year's theme - "The future is now" intends to address Gartner’s trends for 2018.
ICTS training
Excel, Access, and other training this July
The ICTS team will train a number of exciting courses this May, including Excel, Access, Word, and the UCT Web CMS.
When loadshedding strikes, stay productive
In our tech-driven world, a few hours without electricity can be really disruptive. Find out how to minimise the impact of loadshedding while remaining productive during the outage.
Mobile phones
Phone stolen? Don't panic
Read our handy guide to learn how to protect your phone should it ever be stolen, and what to do if you've fallen victim to theft already.
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