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The features of NVivo

  • Multiple formats: NVivo handles virtually any data, including Word documents, PDFs, pictures, database tables, spreadsheets, audio files, videos (imported video files and YouTube content), social media data and web pages. You can exchange information with applications like Excel, Word, SPSS Statistics, EndNote, OneNote, SurveyMonkey and Evernote.

  • Data analysis: NVivo’s powerful query tools let you uncover subtle trends, and automated analysis features let you drill down into your data.

  • Mobile data collection: You can collect data on multiple mobile devices, including iPhone, iPad, Android phone or tablet, using Evernote. You can than connect NVivo directly to your Evernote account and import your content.

  • Virtual filing: As you work through your information you can highlight key points or create theme ‘nodes’, allowing for quick recall or analysis later. Nodes, like virtual filing boxes, allow you to see all information on a single theme summarized together.

  • Visualisation: You can display connections, ideas and findings using a range of visualization tools such as charts, maps and models, and you can easily view the live data behind them.

  • Transcription service: If you are working with audio or video files, you can order transcripts from within NVivo. Your completed transcripts are delivered straight into your NVivo project and synchronize with your original media files.

  • Sharing and publishing: Your conclusions, query results, models and charts can all be exported or simply copied and pasted into reports and presentations. You can also export your findings as web pages, so you can share files and findings with colleagues or associates who don’t have NVivo.