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FAQs internet and bandwidth

Where does UCT get its bandwidth from?

UCT buys its internet bandwidth via TENET (Tertiary Education and Research Network of South Africa), a body that supplies internet and related services to higher education institutions in South Africa. Within this framework, UCT's international bandwidth travels via two main underwater cable routes: the West Africa Cable System (WACS) and SEACOM.

African undersea cables

UCT uses WACS and SEACOM – two of the undersea cables connecting South Africa to the rest of the world

Is there a limit to how much bandwidth I can use per month?

At present, ICTS is not enforcing monthly internet quotas. However, individual usage is being monitored. You are expected to use the internet responsibly, in moderation, and for work and study-related purposes and must abide by the UCT policy and rules on internet and email use.

If you are found to be using the internet excessively or should you violate the policy, appropriate disciplinary action will be taken against you.

I want to use the internet for private, non-academic purposes. Can I buy some bandwidth from UCT?

No. UCT is not an internet service provider and does not sell bandwidth to individuals. For private internet bandwidth, use your cellular network’s data packages or find a package with a reputable internet service provider.

How do I connect my device to the internet at UCT?

Depending on what device you are using and where you are connecting from, instructions will be different. See Access the internet at UCT for full details.

How can I check how much bandwidth I’ve used?

Navigate to https://bandwidth.uct.ac.za and log on using your UCT username (WF\username) and network password. You can access the site from any internet-connected location, on computers or mobile devices that are Javascript-enabled and can render HTML / HTML5.

How come UCT sites and educational resources are included in the report?

In the past, UCT sites as well as certain educational and research-related resources were excluded from bandwidth reporting. However, because these sites still use up internet bandwidth, they are now included so that you can get a more accurate reflection of your bandwidth use.

Does UCT shape internet traffic?

At present, ICTS ensures that international bandwidth is suitably allocated. In most cases, there is no need to shape or prioritise different kinds of traffic. Should the need arise, some traffic may get preference over that which is not considered to be an institutional priority.

What do I do if I find unfamiliar sites or bandwidth volumes in my reports?

If you believe there are errors in your report or you suspect someone else has been using the internet while logged on to your UCT account, contact the IT Helpdesk.

How do I gain access to departmental or other staff usage reports?

Only authorised users may access these reports, based on their business needs. To apply for access to a particular report, log a call with the IT Helpdesk.