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Access 2016 courses

Access Essentials skills outline

Access Intermediate skills outline

Prerequisite: No previous experience with Access is required, but a good working knowledge of Windows is essential.

Prerequisite: Completion of Access Essential skills (Basic), or a very good working knowledge of Access.

Duration: 15 hours

Duration: 15 hours

Cost: R750 (UCT only) 
          R1500 (external)

Cost: R750 (UCT only) 
          R1500 (external)

Lesson 1: Database essentials 

  • Use the Access interface 

  • Select tools and commands 

  • Define data needs and types 


Lesson 2: Create database tables 

  • Create a database 

  • Create a table 


Lesson 3: Work with tables and database records 

  • Navigate records 

  • Enter, Edit, and delete records 

  • Work with primary keys 

  • Find and replace data 

  • Sort and filter data and setting fields 

  • View options within a table 

  • Understand table relationships 


Lesson 4: Modify tables and fields 

  • Modify a database table 

  • Create fields and modify field properties 


Lesson 5: Create forms 

  • Create forms 

  • Sort and filter data in a form 


Lesson 6: Create reports 

  • Create reports 

  • Apply a theme 

  • Work with reports 


Lesson 7: Create and Modify queries 

  • Create a query 
  • Modify a query 

  • Sort and filter data in a query 


Lesson 8: Use controls in reports and forms 

  • Add controls  
  • Define control tab order  

  • Format controls  

  • Arrange control alignment, size, and position  

  • Adjust page margins and change page orientation for forms and reports 


Lesson 9: Advanced Tables 

  • Create a custom table 

  • Summarise table data 


Lesson 10: Advanced forms 

  • Create advanced forms 

  • Use application parts to create blank forms 

  • Create and modify a navigation form 


Lesson 11: Advanced reports  

  • Define groups 

  • Create a subform on a report 

  • Create a print layout 


Lesson 12: Advanced queries 

  • Create crosstab queries 

  • Create a subquery 

  • Save a filter as a query 

  • Create action queries 

  • Understand advanced query modification 


Lesson 13: Display and share data 

  • Create a chart using the chart wizard 

  • Format a chart 

  • Save a database object as another file type 

  • Print a database object 


Lesson 14: Import and export data 

  • Import data 

  • Export data 


Lesson 15: Database tools 

  • Maintain a database 

  • Save a database as a template 

  • Encrypt a database 

  • Configure database options 

  • Use database tools