Systems Division

The Systems Division (SD), made up of four teams, provides direction and support for core business systems at the University. These include the Student Administration System, based on the Oracle/PeopleSoft "Campus Solutions" software package, and the Financial and Human Resources Systems, based on the SAP software. SD also manages user access to these systems and provides technical documentation services to the UCT community.


Production support

This team is responsible for:

  • aspects of stakeholder engagement - in particular liaison with super users
  • aspects of systems administration and maintenance, in conjunction with the Computing Platforms (CP) section of the Technical Support Services division.
  • operations, performance and support of application systems in productive use by the University, i.e.
    • Perceptive Content (previously ImageNow)
    • PeopleSoft and Campus Solutions
    • RMS (Residence Management System)
    • SAP Finance and HR
    • Syllabus Plus (curriculum and exam timetables)
    • Third Party system
Systems Development

This team is the primary provider of the "satisfying user requirements" service, as part of the Service Level Agreement with a business owner.


  • undertakes all development work in support of the University's systems
  • investigation of new requirements
Systems Access

This team is the primary Core SLA service provider for "providing access to systems".

To achieve this, the team utilises the Systems Access Management process that includes support for Systems Audit activities (internal and external), as well as Software License management and compliance.


  • management access to the University's system(s)
  • authorisations to required functions for approved persons
Content Architecture

The Content Architecture section is responsible for planning, developing and delivering complex technical and business content in various media to ICTS and to departments at UCT. The team presents courses and seminars on technical and business writing and provides information architecture services to the enterprise content management (ECM) programme and to ECM initiatives at UCT.

To achieve this, the team utilises the document management process and other ECM processes and will often be involved in change management activities.


  • Analyse content structure and create templates
  • Define and manage business metadata
  • Develop system and user procedures and policies
  • Workshop and compile business processes
  • Create and maintain online help systems
  • Create and maintain UCT administrative forms
  • Train the Technical and Business Writing course
  • Manage and develop user and business information
  • Test usability of content, systems and web sites
  • Review user documentation and communications
  • Set technical and business writing standards
  • Analysing and surveying the audience
  • Assist with user training and support