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RightFax at UCT


What is RightFax?

At UCT, faxes are managed through RightFax – an online service that enables staff to send and receive faxes via the Internet. To use RightFax, you’ll need to apply for a RightFax account then install the RightFax software.


How to set up RightFax

Apply for a RightFax account

Log a call with the IT Helpdesk to request an account. Include the following information:

Your details

  1. Account type: Account type (i.e. Incoming, Outgoing, or Direct fax number)
  2. Network username: Your UCT username (i.e. staff number, 3rd party number or student number).
  3. Email address: RightFax notifications will be sent to this email address.
  4. Fund number to be charged (where applicable): The fund number that will be charged for the RightFax account. Get the fund holder’s approval to use the fund.
  5. Cost centre number (if you’re applying for an Outgoing account or a Direct fax number account)
  6. Your UCT telephone number

Your cover sheet information (for outgoing faxes):

  1. 'From' name: The display name as seen on the Fax Header. This could be either your name or your department's name.
  2. General fax number: UCT's general fax number. Left blank if you do not supply a number.
  3. Private fax number: Your private fax number. Left blank if you do not supply a number.
  4. General voice number: General phone number for your department or office. If you don’t supply a number, this will be set as one of the UCT Call Centre numbers.
  5. Private voice number: Your UCT phone number / extension.

Access the RightFax web client

If you’re a Mac or Linux user, you must use the web client to send faxes.

You don't need to be at your desk to send or receive faxes using your RightFax account.  If you have access to the Internet, you can use the RightFax web interface.

  1. Navigate to https://rightfax.uct.ac.za
  2. Log on:
    • Username: UCT username
    • Password: The default password emailed to you by the Voice Services Administrator
  3. In the list of folders on the left, click Options.
  4. Select User Information.
  5. Change your password in the Change Password section.

In future, simply log on to https://rightfax.uct.ac.za using your UCT username and the RightFax password you set in step 5 above.

How to use RightFax

Consult the RightFax Quick reference guide for instructions on using RightFax.


Get help with RightFax