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Remote Desktop Services

remote desktop connection

Nowadays, many people work on different devices (a PC, laptop, and mobile devices) to complete a task or activity. However, they may not always have the necessary software installed on each of these devices.

Remote Desktop Services (RDS) alleviates this problem by giving UCT staff and students access to software that they don't have installed on their devices. The RDS platform enables secure mobile and remote desktop access to a virtual desktop operating system on the UCT network that contains predefined software.

Another benefit of RDS is that you don't have to use the UCT VPN to connect. All you need to do is install a remote desktop protocol (RDP) client on your device. Using your RDP client, log on to rds.uct.ac.za and enter your UCT credentials (username@wf.uct.ac.za and your password). Once you have successfully logged on, select one of the provided applications and start working.

RDS works on Windows, Apple and Linux computers, as well as Apple, Android and other mobile devices. 

Available software

Standard UCT applications

Research applications
Adobe Acrobat DC Anaconda 3
Clien for Open Enterprise Server Cyberduck
EndNote FileZilla
Firefox Globus Connect Plus
Google Chrome MySQL Workbench
Java Putty
IBM SPSS Statistics R
McAfee anti-virus RStudio
Microsoft Office 2016 WinSCP
Microsoft Teams