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Remote Desktop Connection

remote desktop connection

Nowadays, many people work on different devices (a PC, laptop, tablet or even a smartphone) to complete a task or activity, however, they may not always have the necessary software installed on each of these devices. This could then prevent them from being able to open or work on a file. To help alleviate this problem, UCT staff and students can use Remote Desktop Connection to access software that they don't have installed on their device.

This solution lets you access software that is sitting on a special computer located at UCT. You will first need to install a remote desktop protocol (RDP) client on your device before you can use this option. Using your RDP client, log on to rds.uct.ac.za and enter your UCT credentials (username@wf.uct.ac.za and your password). Once you have successfully logged on, select one of the provided applications and start working.

Remote Desktop Connection will work on Windows, Apple and Linux computers, as well as Apple, Android and other mobile devices. 

Before you can use this option you need to ensure that you have a remote desktop client installed on your machine. Once installed you can access software that is sitting on a special computer located at UCT.


Available software

Accessories Software Microsoft Office Web browsers and applications Statistics System and software updates
Recycle Bin MAGView Reader Access 2016 FireFox IBM SPSS Statistics 23 Apple Software Update
Rapid Typing VIDLE for Vpython Excel 2016 Google Chrome GenStat 16th Edition (64-bit) Software updates
Snipping Tool Dev-C++ OneNote 2016 Internet Explorer R for Windows Microsoft Silverlight
Calculator PhET Simulations PowerPoint 2016 Internet Explorer Statistica 12 Microsoft Systems Centre
Magnify SMath Studio Desktop Project 2016 LyX 2.0 R for Windows (64-bit) MikTex
Narrator AutoDesk Publisher 2016 App store    
Gimp 2 IDLE (PythonGUI) Skype for Business 2016 WinSCP    
PC settings Java Visio 2016      
On-Screen Keyboard Nvivo 11 Word 2016      
Paint SAP        
Notepad VeraLab        
Notepad ++ VMware         
TeraCopy Acrobat Reader DC        
TeXstudio TextHelp Read & Write        
Sound Recorder CutePDF        
WordPad novaPDF 7        
Task Manager          
Multimedia Storage Referencing Email Printing Anti-virus
QuickTime Player NetStorage RefWorks myUCT Novell iPrint McAfee
Windows Media Player One Drive Write-n-Cite Outlook 2016    
Media Player Classic          


Departments and faculties may log a call with the IT Helpdesk if they need additional software to be made available for specific users.