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Contact us

Get help, log a call, request access to a service

Log a call with the IT Helpdesk


Purchase software or hardware

Contact the ICTS Acquisitions team for a quotation via the Hardware and Software acquisitions option.


ICTS website queries

Report broken links, problems with the website, etc. to the ICTS Communications team

Stay informed

ICTS uses a number of methods to keep campus informed and, in some instances, you have a choice in what you would like to receive.

If you want to... Then you need to...
Receive announcements about projects, improvements, ICT services, scheduled maintenance slots and known problems that affect large numbers of users on campus. Subscribe to the icts-announce-l mailing list.
Receive the ICTS Bits & Bytes monthly e-newsletter that gives you information on services ICTS offers and useful ICT hints and tips. Subscribe to the icts-newsletter-l mailing list.
Ask an ICT-related question that is not a request for assistance (see Log a call above). Send an email to icts-feedback@uct.ac.za.
Follow ICTS tweets and Facebook posts about scheduled maintenance, known problems, system changes, projects and general information. Twitter: ICTS at UCT
Facebook: ICTS